Krystallisk form

Har oksygen og hydrogen - hver for seg en krystallisk form?

Under normale forhold opptrer både oksygen og hydrogen i gassform.
Hydrogen smelter ved 13,99 K og koker ved 20,271 K
Hydrogen kan få metall-karakter under ekstremt trykk. (Som i senter av Jupiter?)

Oksygen smelter ved 54,36 K og koker ved 90,188 K.
"The metastable molecule tetraoxygen (O4) was discovered in 2001,and was assumed to exist in one of the six phases of solid oxygen. It was proven in 2006 that this phase, created by pressurizing O2 to 20 GPa, is in fact a rhombohedral O8 cluster. This cluster has the potential to be a much more powerful oxidizer than either O2 or O3 and may therefore be used in rocket fuel. A metallic phase was discovered in 1990 when solid oxygen is subjected to a pressure of above 96 GPa and it was shown in 1998 that at very low temperatures, this phase becomes superconducting."
Her omtalt krystallisk oksygen under ekstreme forhold...