Invertebrate Pico Reef

33+ months mixed invertebrates, mixed scleractinian coral 15+ genera 48+ months at one gallon:

coralline algae removal:

here is the organism that goes unidentified. I believe it to be a coral planula packed with zooxanthellae

it is not an acoel flatworm, it has a body cavity and these radiating projections are not common to platyhelminthes:

another angle
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My vase is still alive

Just updating, my science project is designed to live indefinitely, there is no other worldwide.

Just thought you'd like to see 9 year update for the vase ecosystem

This is the longest living micro system in the world :

I wanted to keep the original thread going, since the original subject is still alive and has produced many growths of coral for export

Updating for 2019: the system has no biological lifespan limit. It will run as long as Im around to change the water out once a week, I hope this demonstrates unique biological tuning to keep one system alive and updated this long, ten years, in one single thread. :)

thanks for watching with me!

the latest video update: