So sorry I took too long to get back, Ive posted these before and no one responded wasn't expecting the response!

I am a biologist here in USA and simply wanted to show you all my work and discuss things like muting of coral allelopathy, micro ecosystem evolution within confined spaces and things assorted they said couldn't be done 5 years ago. Thanks for not locking the thread, I'll stay, please ask away any questions I promise to come back.

These are the oldest pico reefs you will find, I invented and perfected coral growth at this volume and am willing to discuss any aspect of it, nice to meet you all.

I can understand how it might seem like a troll, allow me to defend:

-these systems are sealed or mostly sealed, restricting evaporation where a 1l coral reef can function without evaporation and salinity shifting. the vids simply provide the details.

I was hoping to show where invertebrates occupy certain niches in the pico reef long term, the worlds smallest ecocosm.

Questions if you have any will be promptly answered, and ideally, someone please set up one of these and we'll coach it publicly here, this is a repeatable science/art inviting anyone to stop by!
Brandon M
I was led to your forum by following youtube links from a poster here named Edmund, discussing algal growth in the vase. It simply leads me to other science buffs just a way of meeting new people and discussing a unique art. I have displayed these in many public places to forward the beneficial aspects of this kind of work, coral sustenance. all my corals are captive grown, not from the natural reefs, its a model of sustenance and replenishment actually working and beconing study, as I see it :)

some of the more notable physical features of the bowl are:

-the natural skimming effect at the surface, on the curved inner surfaces of the bowl, which are wiped occasionally and accomplish N and P export to avoid eutrophication.

-the ability of the airstone driven system to be simple and the most effective means of carbon dioxide scrubbing possible in a small vessel, powerheads alone do not compete. This lends pH stability by lessening the effect of carbonic acid during diurnal cycles.

-caco3 is supplemented in a two part common doser I have scaled down, its meant to be used in takes 20x this size. The vase is the oldest currently living pico reef worldwise, I am 100% certain. Part of these ventures internationally is to seek proof otherwise, asking for anyone elses dated vids and pics :)

-feeding and presentation of diverse benthic flora and fauna, while eliminating primary producer infestations like green hair algae, is accomplished not by sparse feeding which starves the tank and is intended to preserve water quality, but by a simple coupling of the feeding intervals to the water change intervals. By only feeding the tank substantially, just before a 100% water change, all animals are fed across the food web including spongers, sabellids, corals, etc (all shown in the vids) and the quick water change takes 3 mins and is done weekly, these tanks are also the most stable of any reef tank because salinity, temperature, purity and procedure are already set, no experimentation needed.

Nothing is for sale, I want someone to set one up and let me prove from afar my science is very serious~~
Hi Brandon, I'm sorry I misinterpreted your posting for a sales adverticement. We're just not used to postings consisting of just links and no context. So thanks for the explanation. Very interesting! smile
if I could see how to post pictures I wouldn't have to link, but here are some stills for detailed analysis.

What you have here is detailed, overlapping growth of acroporids with about 10 other genera of zoanthus and mixed scleractinians sharing space in a reef three inches wide not skimmed and not having nematocycst or allelopathic chemical interaction, no death or tissue recession (necrosis/bleaching)

its a tiny way to study coral bleaching. bleaching does not occur in these reefs barring hardware failure, they become highly colonized, look for detial in benthic growth not just coral growth~
I made a post in this forum to talk to German scientists who are pico reef masters, Daniel Knopp. Its a way for me to show you pictures and encourage discussion in your forum if thats ok.

if not tell me and I'll remove anything you want, no troll here.

nice to meet you the web is full of that behavior understand concerns I really respect what Ive read on this board its wonderfully complex and with my translators I can read your sharpest science writings across scopes of science ecology mainly is what im reading on your board right now!
No no no don't remove it smile Myself I'm a terrestrial botanist, but I find your postings very interesting to read, and I'm sure there are others here who might even be more practically interested.
I'm sorry Brandon M that I misunderstood your post! approve
We have been having some unserious people here, among those a spammer. angry So I guess some of us, have a little to short fuse.

I guess that your achievement is great, but I don't have knowledge to understand the whole thing though. approve

Then I wish you on my behalf good luck, and I'm hoping you will get a better response on your postings in the future! wink

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